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We are not accepting new Residential clients at this time. We are preparing for the transition to the City operated curbside program. We have begun focusing on commercial pickup and recycling as well as taking material from local haulers. Current customers will continue to receive curbside service.

Thank you

Wondering what Items to place in your blue bins?

We are glad you asked!

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Pickup is the same day as your garbage pickup. As part of our added value to you the homeowner we also pickup your Electronic Waste! All items for pickup are listed in detail below.

Cardboard can be cut, folded or even in box form if it fits. Please try to keep cardboard from getting wet as it is an organic material and can be ruined over time by rot!

Clear Glass bottles and jars! Please rinse all the glass before you place it in your bin for pickup. Please no coloured glass jars or ceramics.

Clean tin, aluminum cans, soup cans pop cans tin lids and caps. any and all forms of metal you can get into your bin in metal form!

All forms of paper, please keep it from getting wet. Please bag all plastic bags and we will take any plastic labeled 1-7 with recycling symbol on the product. Any black plastic bags with contents will be treated as garbage.

Any bottles that can be recycled in Alberta are eligible for pickup by our curb-side service! please try to make sure bottles are rinsed and empty.

Old televisions, computers, laptops, printers, tablets, old phones, keyboards, mouse speakers and wire. Anything that plugs into the wall! We also take batteries!

Efutures Advantage

Efutures gives Lethbridge residents more then just the option for curb-side pickup. We give residents the ability to pick a program that fits their budget and needs. Just by using our services you will be diverting more items then any other curb-side service in Alberta!

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