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Special Event

Efutures is proud to help small and large events in southern Alberta divert waste. We have worked on large events like the Tour of Alberta and small parties to divert the waste they generate from the landfill.

Celebratory events such as baby showers and weddings typically produce enduring memories and, unfortunately, substantial amounts of long-lasting trash. Decorations and festive hats often end up in the trash just hours after they have been removed from their packaging; same thing for Styrofoam cups and plastic cutlery.

Extra waste rears its head not only at parties, but also at company meetings, sporting events and festivals. Sustainability can become an afterthought for busy organizers. But besides being the right thing to do for the earth, “greening” an event is usually appreciated by guests and can even boost attendance.

Only your budget and imagination will limit how eco-friendly your next gathering is. A bare bones plan can start with strategies for handling containers, paper products and food, and then evolve from there.

 Give us a call or email to find out what we can do for you and your special event!